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Russian wife swingerrs

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russian wife swingerrs

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100 miljoen bezoekers  informatie 247  web, afbeeldingen & video. I got married 3years my wife is 5yrs younger than me from day one of my wedding till today iam tried many times and requested her to have sex but their is no interested i dont know what to do my parents are getting old they are waiting for a good news i dont want to divorce her as we like each other but when it comes to sex it is zero pls suggest me is their any solution or any medicine.   a recent study showed that nearly one-third of women aged 18 to 59 suffer from a lost interest in sex, and its not all in their heads. It is important not to confuse average estimates of how often couples have sex with what is normal for you and your relationship. Every individual and couple is different, and sexual desire is bound to fluctuate naturally over time. The important thing is that both of you are satisfied with the amount and quality of the sex that you have. For the past eight years it has been like i am married to my sister.   my wife would never agree to me having sex with other people. You are right, i am not just interested in quick in and out sex, but want the intimacy involved in actually making love. Sex is often a great binding factor between most couples, and if she is losing interest in having sex with you, that may be indicative of a greater problem. Having said that, there are couples who may not have a great sex life but retain their own intimate moments, like snuggling up with each other or something as simple as holding hands. Wife not interested in sex at all lawdog74 posted my wife went from wild in the bed to no interest what so ever ,we havent had sex in over a year,she isnt cheating on me ,we are both retired,she is 50 and has lost all interest in sex. I hear from (and about) a lot of women who say theyre not interested in sex,. They cant have it both ways, unless women expect their men to bust their buns taking care of children and a wife without the normal, expected reward of love and passion. Im not surprised to read about how many people are having the same problems that i have with my spouse, i just wish there is a more clear cut answer to the issue, we have been married for a year and a half and my wife doesnt want sex(at least not with me)there is very little touch and the sex is always started by me, it makes me feel like she doesnt want me at all,when i ask her about. I spent with my wife 20 years together, the first ten years i was behind her for sex , less time it goes amazing and the most go bad, forcing me to find my way out which became a disaster later when she found it out, regardless of her less experience she had about sex and the side effect of medicines she was using i felt i was not satisfy with my sexual life which turns me in the second ten. 100 miljoen bezoekers  informatie 247  web, afbeeldingen & video.

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