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Don t cum in my hot wife

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don t cum in my hot wife

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My husband has a smoking fetishi am a smoker and am completely okay and enjoy smoking for my husband. I have found out that he is getting off on fetish sites whenever i am not around. The getting off part doesnt bother me but it does bother me that he needs to fullfill his fantasy with other women. Whenever i try to quit i get very powerful urges (thirst) and cant stop thinking about smoking and it doesnt help that she smokes and, worse, almost encourages me since she likes when we smoke together. I think she may even get a special thrill out of it since i was such a hard line anti-smoker and now am in the same situation as she is. My wife gave up when she was pregnant but i have managed to get her to smoke one or two a week so far when we are fucking.   i have a smoke fetish,want my wife to smoke?how? Please no health comments everyone knows the health risk associated i am only asking please help me so that she gets addicted to smoking,please only positiv answers ,no e cig ,no other ways i want her just likes cig so that she smokes just about one cig daily.   all im doing for right now is checking out smoking fetish videos on youtube, thats not good enough for me though! I have a hot sexy girlfriend and i want to get her to start smoking cigarettes and cigars, that would be so hot! Id love to read your advice.   my wife and i have been married for seven years and over the course of our relationship i have kept something from her i have a fetish for women that smoke. We are both non-smokers and she is very anti-smoking and has nagged her father to quit for years. I hate that i have a fetish and have no idea where it comes from, but its there. So what i started to do was every time i lit up, and i made sure she wasnt smoking at the time, i lit one for her too, so she of. Fetish spurs man to badger his wife into smoking again smoking has killed some of my relatives,. I did for nine years, but quit five years ago (before i met him).

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