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You can flirt with him her until they suggest you do something naughty or something to that extent (different possible speachs) but you will be qued to use the thumbs up expression to agree, and then walk to a bed and choose protected (assuming you have condoms) or unprotected sex. Now talk to her and she should say something about going to bed.   sex is an action between two people that is usually taken either for funrelease, in order to have children - or both. In fable, fable the lost chapters and fable anniversary, once you have married, you could have sex with your partner. The screen would fade to black and you would hear generic grunting and moaning sounds. If u are married just keep giving your wife presents eventually she will light up and you will be asked if u want to have sex. The alternative way is to wait till u locate the brothel (hooker house) although you will need a fair amount of money to get some of the women up stairs.   re guide to sex in fable 2 i think getting a villager drunk may allow you to use the come back to my place expression. The wife doesnt want to sleep with you unless you impress her. Lots of people say use the come back to my place expression but if you dont have it heres a way. - once following, press (y), give her gifts until she likes you, thinks youre attractive. Now, i did a quest (till death do us apart) and i married a girl named alex. Now, i dont know how but i had sex with her (unprotected) and had a kid. So, what i do is, i make alex follow me into my maritial home, and i select the bed but all i see is how many hours i want to sleep.   read! This vid shows how to get your wifehusband to bed so you can have sex with them. Fable 2 how to have more than one kid with a wife part 1 - duration 1459.

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